Here is a list of approvals that the project has received:
BBMP BBMP/ADDL DIR/JD(S)/LP-0176/12-13 14/02/2013
FIRE FORCE DEPT GBC ( 1 ) 269 /2011 04/10/2012
AIRPORT AUTHORITY ASC/CM(AO)/181/HAL-BG-176/2011 29/07/2011
BWSSB BWSSB/EIC/ACE(M)-I/DCE(M)TA-9/7239/2011/2012 18/01/2012
BSNL DE-SAN/BG/S-11/VOL-III/38 19/07/2011
KSPCB – CFE PCB / 368 /CNP / 12 /H-572 16/08/2012
BESCOM SEE/BCN/EEE/(O)/AEE-1/1457-59 05/10/2012
MOEF – EC SEIAA:116  : CON :2011 28/01/2012
RERA REGD NO: PR/KN/170728/000226 28/07/2017
OC DOCUMENT NO: JDTP(S)/ADTP/OC/39/17-18 25/09/2017



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